Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2009 Men’s collection

In A sight to see., On the Runway on February 18, 2009 at 10:45 pm

In the latest Marc Jacob collection, Marc Jacob himself has done the impossible yet again. By clashing classic American style, a youthful retro look, and a little MJ innovation, this fall 09 awaits one of his most prized collections yet. From velvet blazers, striped dress pants, and bow ties to the new epidemic of spacey high top sneakers, its clear MJ loves taking those risky steps in the menswear department. I’m particularly impressed with his color contrasts of bright to neutral colors to bring out his true innovation and vision as a designer and stylist. For those having trouble putting the funds together to get a piece of Marc, go to your nearest Marc by Marc Jacobs store and check out some of his accessories and other novelties that are very affordable for the purpose. Marc works hard to make sure everyone from all walks of life can have a piece of his vision.
~Aaron M.
~Edited by Chasen Laidler



00290m1                              Photos by Marcio Madeira 

  1. Love it dude…keep it going!

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